President's Message

Dear Members, Sponsors & Partners,

What a year 2020 was. COVID-19 brought on so many challenges and changes throughout 2020. With the Circuit Breaker in place, our “business as usual” was completely thrown off the window. For the first few weeks, I am sure we all have our own struggle to get up to speed with the slew of technology that was thrown at us as the new ways to conduct our business evolved. I am so glad that I was not caught off guard, as FSMA has been relentless in encouraging all of us as industry players to embrace digitalization.

I am so proud to be a member of FSMA. For the past few years, our learning conference’s focus, be it Singapore Agency Managers Conference (SAMC) or power talks, has been centered around digital revolutionary. Time and time again, we are reminded that our industry continues to face the threat of digitalization. I am proud of all of us for embracing it and adapting to it in 2020.

I am also very encouraged by the growth that our industry has seen in this unprecedented time. It is a testament that the agency force in the industry is a force to reckon with. We displayed our ability to adapt and our resilience. For that, I would like to thank our insurers for supporting all of us through and evolving so quickly to enable us to do our business digitally. I would also like to commend the leaders for holding the fort so well for everyone in your team. Your dedication, hard work and effort are evident so much more in 2020. Well done!

One of the key focus of FSMA has been around education. We place high importance on providing you as industry leaders, courses, and training to bring you to a greater management height. I am proud of our Education chair this year Mr Michael Chen, who had worked hand in hand with Mr Michael Seow and Mr Samuel Goh, spending numerous hours poring through proposals after proposals in bringing our classes online. I am glad that we found a match that might not be perfect enough but accepted by LIMRA, IBF, our moderators, partners and students. We strive to continuously seek to improve the systems we have in place while maintaining the balance of each parties’ needs. I also want to especially mention our moderators. Thank you for all your support in moving in tandem with us to continue providing the courses to our members. 

I would also like to highlight that in 2020, our previously voted President, Mr Royce Lee resigned from the association due to personal reasons. Based on the constitution, I then assumed the post of Acting President. I am glad that I have the strong support of our committed Management Committees, and they have been nothing short of amazing. Our Board of Governors, Mr Dennis Tan, Mr Benny Tay, Dato Daniel Yow, Mr Bernard Lim and Mr Mark Tang. Immediate Past President Mr Calvin Lee, 2nd Vice President Mr Michael Chen, 3rd Vice President Queenie Ang, Honorary Secretary Mr Kurt Ng, Honorary Treasurer Mr Leslie Ng, PR & Communications Mr Leonard Chen. Last but not least, our Committee members Mr Hux Lim, Mr Eric Ang, Mr Royce Goh, Mr Sean Tan and Mr Desmond Lin. Thank you, everyone, for your dedication and commitment. Besides being the Acting President of 2020/2021, I also continued with my Membership port, assigned to me and my intended 1st Vice President post. 

Our SMA was the first annual event of the year. Due to the uncertain outlook at that time, we decided to cancel the sit-in dinner. Our team arranged for the delivery of all awards to awardees, and the recognition in Straits Times was run in May 2020. By then, Singapore went onto Phase 1 of the Circuit Breaker. While we were still unable to meet all of you personally, FSMA is proud to celebrate with you. We took the opportunity to present the Top Awardees their awards personally and broadcasted together with our SAMC. I want to take this time to thank Mr Michael Chen and the SMA team for making the decisions and getting the works done despite the uncertainties. It sure displays their resilience and adaptability at work. 

This year, our SAMC continues with our focus in digitalization and our topic this year is “Evolutionary Leadership”. Due to the pandemic and safety measures, we brought our conference online. As SAMC’s Chairperson, Queenie has worked tirelessly to bring us our curated speakers to share with us. Thank you, Queenie and SAMC team, for persisting despite the challenges you faced.

To support our members better, we have increased our administration team and support from 2 staff to 3. We have also shifted our office to a new location. Thank you to our Honorary Secretary Mr Kurt Ng and the staffs for arranging this move. They took many hours to ensure the smooth transition from sourcing affordable and convenient venues to ensuring the appropriate work done by renovation contractors. Truly, thank you, Kurt and the team, for your contribution and dedication to the association. 

Not forgetting special mentions of our sponsors and partners, Infinite Sponsor AIA Singapore Pte Ltd, Platinum Sponsor Prudential Assurance Company Singapore Pte Ltd, Gold Sponsor Great Eastern Life Assurance Ltd and Silver Sponsor Manulife Singapore Pte Ltd. Our Partners AXA Insurance Pte Ltd, LIMRA and Asia Advisor Network. Your support, sponsorship, and partnership have more than in one way, provided opportunities for us to remain relevant and continuously supporting our leaders’ education and training.   

2021 will be another unique year where I strongly believe that FSMA and all the members can look forward with anticipation. Digitalization is something we would have gotten used to by now, but it presents a new set of challenges. Our threats and outlook would continue to evolve, because so much of it depends on the virus. However, I sincerely believe that our future is ours to shape. FSMA remains committed to our motto, “To Lead and To Serve”, and together, we can surely achieve greater heights.

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