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Agency Enhancement Series (AES) - $2000 course fee

AES is designed for Agency Leaders who want to enhance their agency organisations by adopting advanced practices in recruiting, developing, and promoting sales agents.  The program focuses on advanced strategies that enhance skills used daily by agency leaders/sales managers to lead their teams.  It provides best practices and techniques for adopting these enhanced strategies, helping agency leaders/sales managers improve recruiting results, create a team of Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) producers, and promote talented agents into sales management roles.


The Series comprises three hands-on, highly interactive courses, namely: –

  • Recruiting to and from Target Markets
  • Developing Your MDRT Agents
  • Building Your Business through your Managers.

This is a 3 full-day course totaled 22 CPD hours.

Managing Agency Profitability Series – MAPS - $2900 course fee

MAPS is a program for developing managers’ capabilities to build and sustain a profitable agency. Optimizing Growth and Profitability, managing Costs effectively, implementing best practices, balancing resources, to win in the marketplace. The course provides a platform for Agency Leaders to take their knowledge of profitability and growth a step further, and it is aimed at those individuals responsible for maximizing their agencies’ success.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Shows how decisions, good and bad, lead to success or failure.
  2. Clarifies the interdependency of key performance drivers.
  3. Prepares Agency Leader to plan for longer-term financial profitability
  4. Develops skills to manage cost and leverage market conditions.
  5. Expands mindset to more entrepreneurial approach.
  6. Increases one’s confidence and experience.

This is a 4 and a half full-day course totaled 30 CPD hours.

PACESETTER - $2900 course fee

A Sales Manager or Agency Leader has many tasks and responsibilities.  As an agency leader in the first 2 years, one must manage time effectively, plan for and run the team to optimize its performance; and recruit and select new agents while retaining and developing the current agents for long-term profitability.  This program covers the processes of successful sales management; broken down by subject area.  Each day focuses on developing critical skills for an area and reflecting on building upon skills learned and practiced in the previous days.

Learning Outcomes: 

  1. Construct and implement an agency action plan.
  2. Improve recruiting techniques and results.
  3. Formulate better selection practices, processes and tools.
  4. Enhance agent training and development.
  5. Determine what motivates agents to help them improve job performance & accountability.
  6. Set performance standards to manage effectiveness and efficiency.

This is a 4 and a half full-day course totaled 34 CPD hours.

These are IBF-FTS courses with a funding cap of $500 per participant per course in 2023. 

To better serve FSMA members, FSMA is applying to convert them to IBF-STS courses which will give us a funding of 50% and 70% depending on age and a cap of $3000 per participant per course.

We are pleased to announce that AES is now an IBF-STS approved course! 

Watch this page for the good news.

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