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This Sales Builder Study Group concept began in late 1960s when Harold Gardiner, CLU, and others, helped developed this case study approach to sales performance evaluation – a group solution to a problem.

Sales Builder is a fascinating sales support system which gives every associate the fundamentals of a sales career and the tools with which to be successful in any environment, selling any product. It helps ingrain the discipline that is necessary for a professional sales career.

A group consists of 6-12 associates with similar levels of production or time in the career or leadership. When they participate in the study group, they

  • Commit to the achievement of stated activity events;
  • Agree to maintain accurate and detailed records;
  • Meet each month to report individual results; and
  • Share feedback on each individual’s performance.

The Sales Builder programme is a study group, and the study being made is of one another’s activity – and how activity relates to results. It enables group members to predict scientifically in advance what the results will be of certain activity levels. Sales Builder thus helps individuals indentify and understand why they are good at what they do

At the heart of Sales Builder is discipline. The process requires the beginning agent to work a minimum of 225 hours per month, make at least 100 selling calls per month, and ask people to buy insurance (close) at least 25 cases per month. Beginning agents see these ‘target goals’ presented and supported on an ongoing basis, repeated over and over, enough to see it works.

Sales Builder focuses on monthly activity; a successful month is made of 20-22 days. So planning a day’s work in advance is an essential stepping stone to a successful month.

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