The Chartered Insurance Agency Manager (CIAM) designation is an international educational achievement for managers in the financial services industry. Today, as never before, there is much emphasis placed on the competency of field managers, to be fully equipped to meet the challenges of their role as leaders distributing life insurance and financial services. LIMRA created the CIAM designation to provide a track for professional development and a benchmark by which managers can be measured and recognized. The candidate for CIAM makes a personal commitment to growth and development as a field manager.

The Certified Manager of Financial Advisor (CMFA) designation symbolized management excellence and is the mark of high-quality, professional advice in financial services asset accumulation. CMFA is an international designation, recognizing commitment to professional excellence. Managers are continually challenged by changes in the economy, staffing, profitability, activity management, products, and business transition. They must stay on the cutting edge of new developments to manage their enterprises effectively. The CMFA course of study makes this possible.


CIAM or CMFA candidates must complete seven steps of qualification to attain the designations.

Step A:
Orientation to Management

Requires successful completion of Pacesetter
(4 and half days programme)

Step B:
Basic Skills Development

Requires successful completion of Agency Management Training Course
(23 weeks programme)

Step C:
Operational and Growth Skills

Requires successful completion of three Agency Enhancement Series
(3 days programme)

Step D:
Advanced Management Development

CIAM – Requires successful completion Of Managing Agency Profitability Seminar (4 and half days programme)

CMFA – Requires successful completion of Managing Financial Advisors (3-5 days programme)

Step E:
Final Paper/Thesis

Candidates describe how they have applied their acquired skills, theories and concepts in their careers.

Step F:
Certificate of Professionalism

Company verifies that the candidate has met the required standards for service, professional conduct and ethical behaviour.

Step G:
Eligible Service

Candidate must have at least five years as a field manager.

Eligible service is defined as:

1) Serving as an agency head, or

2) Spending at least of the time in field management activities and supervising two or more agents recruited during the previous 12 months.

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