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Executive Committee


Andy Law Min

(CFP, AWP, B.Eng (Hons), Affiliate of STEP, AMTC)

Andy has been serving as FSMA committee member since 2016. He has served the committee as its Honorary Secretary, Vice Presidency for 2 terms and is recently its President for the term 2020/2021. Andy also served as Education Chair and helped to organise the annual learning conference, Singapore Agency Managers’ Conference. FSMA’s motto is to lead and to serve, and Andy, along with the dynamic committee members in FSMA, are committed to walk this journey with its members.

On the agency front, Andy is a Financial Services Director with AIA Singapore Private Limited. He is prominent in the Employee Benefits space, having been featured in Bloomberg magazine 4 times in 2016-2019 for his district’s achievements. He is also a Certified Financial Planner and Affiliate of Society of Trust and Estate Planner.

Chen Yibin Michael

1st Vice President

Michael joined the financial services industry in 2006 and has been actively running his agency for the past 6 years. Michael believes that with the correct guidance and consistent hard work, everyone can achieve more.

Queenie Ang

Queenie Ang Ching Sze

2nd Vice President & Education Chair

Queenie has been in the financial services industry since 2007 and has served as an agency leader since 2016. She is a financial advisor, a leader and a mother. At work, she is leading an expanding team whom she regards them as her ‘children’ in one wholistic work family.

She now serves voluntary in FSMA and sees her fellow committee members as a group of selfless individuals from different companies coming together to passionately share and care to bring out the best in the leaders of this industry. She feels that every leader in this industry should come forth to know more about FSMA and to serve for the betterment of the industry.

Kurt Ng

3rd Vice President

Kurt joined the industry 10 years ago and was promoted to the rank of an Agency Leader just after 2 years. His position is that he is in the business of helping people protect, cultivate and build their dreams, making a positive difference to people’s lives along the way. The achievement of the coveted Million Dollar Round Table award is a recognition of his professionalism. It is the premier financial profession association.

Leslie Ng_HonSec

Ng Yeow Peng Leslie

Honorary Secretary

Leslie has been in the industry since April 1997 and have has served as an agency leader since December 2009. Passionate about providing Clarity and Tenacity, Leslie believes in providing the best form of service to his clients and teammates!

Lim Hui Xiang (Hux)

Honorary Treasurer
(ChFC, CLU, AMTC, B.Comp Eng (Hons))

Hux joined the industry while he was an undergraduate in May 2010 and was promoted to be an agency leader since 2013. He believes that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard and when putting in hard work, don’t (not to) forget to have some heart work in place.

Royce Goh

PR & Communications Chairperson

Royce joined the Financial Services industry in 2008 as an undergraduate and was promoted to an agency leader in January 2014. He firmly believes in doing good and doing right, and to change the public’s perspective of the industry, one life at a time.

Leonard Chen

Committee Member
(MSc Finance, AFC)

Leonard is a Senior Branch Director with over 17 years of experience in financial advisory and agency management. He leads his agency through servant-leadership and is also a practicing client advisor.

He embraces failing as a learning experience, as he believes nobody ever achieved success from fear of failing. His motto in life is to never to let success go to one’s head, as well as never letting failure go to one’s heart.

Eric Ang

Eric Ang

Committee Member
(BA, Computer Science)

Eric is a Financial Services Director with over 17 years of experience in financial advisory and agency management. He is known for being an entrepreneur and a financial knowledge activist.

He believes that everyone has a story to tell, why not be your own author and write your own story. Make it a wonderful story.


Desmond Lin

Committee Member

Desmond joined the industry 15 years ago and has been promoted to the rank of an Agency Leader 13 years ago.

Desmond believes in empowering financial consultants by career coaching, identifying personal goals and developing leadership skills.

He is also an advocate and firm believer of life-long learning in this ever-changing financial services industry.

Sean Tan

Committee Member
(Bachelor of Business, CuFc)

Sean Tan joined AIA in 2002 as a Financial Consultant and moved up to management in 2007. Since then, Sp-Elmfort Financial has been set up, and the district focuses mainly on the HNW segment and the Indonesian market.

Board of Governors

Calvin Lee

ChFC®, CFP®, AEPP, IBFA, ACTA, AMTC, B.Eng(Hons), M.Eng

Calvin started serving FSMA in 2016 and was the elected President of FSMA in the term 2019/2020. He joined the Financial Services Industry in 2008 and now leads his own organisation. Being an engineer by training and a strong believer of embracing digital technology, Calvin was awarded LinkedIn Champion in 2018 by his company for his proven success in using LinkedIn. Calvin was further recognised for his digital work when he was named the Digital Agency Leader of the Year in 2019, ranking him the best in Asia as the digitally-savvy agency leader who leverages the power of social media and technology to run his agency. Calvin is also an ACTA certified trainer and moderates for FSMA courses including AMTC, Pacesetter and AES. In his free time, Calvin jogs regularly and enjoys catching up with friends over beer. Well known in the industry for leveraging on LinkedIn, Calvin gets invited regularly for talks to share his experience on using LinkedIn as a practitioner.


(MBA, CWM, CBC, AAFM Fellow, IBF Fellow)

Maj (Ret) Dennis Tan joined the industry in Nov 1977 and became an Agency Leader since 1979. As one of the pioneering figures in the industry, he has always been actively involved in numerous industry-relayed associations and served in numerous committees including the founding of GAMA Singapore (predecessor of FSMA). Served as the Association’s President in 2003/04, he has continued to play an active role since then. He has served in the exclusive STAR Team, which represents the industry’s voice with the relevant authorities since its inception in 2012.

Mark Tang

(ChFC, CLU, AMTC, B.Eng (Hons))

Mark Tang joined the industry since 1999 and has been an Agency Leader since 2005. Mark has also been active in the Association since 2015 and has served in various leadership positions within the organization. He is also the current Vice President of his company’s agency management association and has taken lead roles in various committees including products, compensation and operations over the past few years. He is also an AMTC moderator and has been regularly invited to give talks in his company.

Dato Daniel Yow

(D.K.R.T, ChFC, Dip. FP, Dip. SCI)

Dato Daniel Yow has joined the industry since 1990. And in 1996, he had formed his own agency and today he had conferred the title by his company as the prestigious Master District Director, developing many top producers and leaders.

Dato had served FSMA since 2008. He had taken various portfolios in the association and had been a President for 3 terms. He is still actively dedicated and passionate about serving all the leaders in the industry.

Bernard Lim

Bernard joined the insurance industry in 1992 and has been an Agency Leader since 2004. He has been actively involved in FSMA management committee since 2015 and was also a Past President.
Bernard is also a Roll of Honor recipient in Prudential Assurance.

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