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Our History

General Agents Managers Association (GAMA) Singapore Chapter was officially established on 30 November 1995 with the primary aim of looking after the educational needs of life insurance leaders in Singapore. It has since gain continuous recognition throughout the years through the organisation of various courses, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and a host of other activities, including social and community works.

Though GAMA Singapore has fulfilled its roles in the past decade, but changing requirements, local sentiments and prudence has necessitated the rethinking of its mode of operation and identity. In 2005, during one of the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (EOGM), members had, by an overwhelming majority, voted to localize the Association and at the same time, made the decision to change its name to Financial Services Managers Association (FSMA). This name was subsequently approved by the Registrar of Societies on the 21 June 2006. This newly transformed organization will carry on the good stead of its predecessor and continue to be the chief catalyst to influence the changing needs affected by changing times and financial landscape.

It is with the resolute of fulfilling its objectives that FSMA will strive to create a legacy and be the main resource center for the leaders of the industry. A central entity that will be the focal hub for all members and individuals or practitioners who are involved in the practice of Agency Management.

The Association aims to abide by its motto, “To Lead and Serve” and be exemplary in its conduct while serving the needs of its members for the betterment of the local financial industry.

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