Are you making the transition to managing a team of agents? Are you specialising in recruiting or training?
Do you need to develop your management skills to improve your agency’s growth?

The Agency Management Training Course (AMTC) is a 25-week course, consisting of one three-hour class each. It is however not a lecture course.
What makes the AMTC successful is the fact that it is a skill building course designed to improve skills in areas critical to agency management.
Moderated by experienced/successful managers in the industry utilizing class discussion, skills demonstrations, role play, project planning and
action projects, students learn how to apply these skills in day-day agency management. The AMTC trains in 27 skills LIMRA research has identified as critical to successful field management. These are included in the five modules in AMTC: Planning, Recruiting, Selection, Training and Performance Appraisal.

LIMRA’s renown Agency Management Training Course (AMTC) is a skills-based programme designed to help a field manager fully develop and sharpen 28 specific management skills in the areas of planning and goal setting, recruiting and selection, training, and activity management.
AMTC has been successfully awarded The Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore (IBF) Level 3 Accreditation. Successful graduates of AMTC may apply for IBF Certification and Funding under the IBF Standards.
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