5 September 2019 : 9am – 6pm

19th Singapore Agency Managers’ Conference

It’s Alive! Pursuing the DNA of Excellence

Prudential is reimbursing $100 for all Prudential AL upon full attendance of this event


This Is Not Your Ordinary Conference!

It’s The Leadership Conference!​

Hello fellow Agency Leaders and friends,

I’m Royce Lee, and on behalf of FSMA, we trust you have had a great first half of 2019.

It’s SAMC season again!

We’re aiming to energise all of you through this year’s Singapore Agency Managers’ Conference.

Let’s gear up together with this year’s theme of DNA of Excellence in Agency Building. Would you like to groom more MDRT producers? 

This year we have a regional speaker and author, Mr Wave Chow from Hong Kong. The winner of 4th Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards, winning the Insurance & Inspirational Agency Leader of the Year.

In 2016, he led more than 70 producers to achieve a 100% MDRT Agency and will share his insights and best practices.

Also hear from Shalyn Lee, A MDRT producer who built a Million Dollar Agency. Others speakers includes Jan Wong, A Forbes Asia under 30 nominee; Josh Han; Sun Jin; Wendell Wong ; Willis Lau.

We look forward to seeing you on the 5th of September and I believe you will be impacted and inspired by the powerful sharing of our speakers.

Tickets are Limited, sign up now to experience a new encounter and level up your business for a breakthrough 2019.

Prudential is reimbursing $100 for all Prudential AL upon full attendance of this event.

Thank you and FSMA Wishes you all a great year ahead!


Event schedule

8.15am – 9.00am


9.00am – 9.20am

Opening Address
Speaker: Mr Royce Lee, SAMC Chairman

9.20am – 9.40am

Keynote Address by Infinite Partner, Prudential Singapore
Speaker: Mr Odd Haavik, Chief Distribution Officer (Prudential Singapore)

9.40am – 10.25am

Part 1: The Key to Building a 100% MDRT Team
Regional Speaker & Author: Mr Wave Chow (Hong Kong) (In Mandarin, with English Translation)

10.25am – 11.10am

Digital Hacks and Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2019/20
Speaker :  Mr Jan Wong

11.10am – 11.55am

Innovating Towards A Digital Agency
Speaker :  Mr Willis Lau

11.55am – 1.10pm


1.10pm – 1.55pm

Journey Of Life Begins With The Right Purpose
Speaker : Ms Shalyn Lee

1.55pm – 2.40pm

System Manage People, Leaders build System
Speaker : Mr Sun Jin

2.40pm – 2.55pm


2.55pm – 3.40pm

Do Right to Do Well
Speaker : Mr Wendell Wong

3.40pm – 4.55pm

Breaking Campus Grounds
Speaker : Ms Josh Han

4.55pm – 5.40pm

Part 2: 八步成招 The eight-step move
Regional Speaker & Author: Mr Wave Chow (Hong Kong) (In Mandarin, with English Translation)

5.40pm – 6.00pm

Closing Address
Mr Calvin Lee, FSMA President


Our speakers

Keynote address by infinite partner, prudential Singapore

Chief Distribution Officer, Prudential Singapore

Regional Speaker & Author

Senior District Director, AIA (Hong Kong)

Winner of Insurance Agency Leader of the Year

(Mandarin Speaker, with English Translation)

Building a 100% MDRT Team in 2016

Founder of Openminds

Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia

Nominee for EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Financial Services Director

2nd runner up for Top New Director Awards

Financial Services Director

A MDRT producer leading multiple Million Dollar Agencies

Financial Services Director

Specialize in building a cross border agency with TOT, COT and MDRT producers

Director, Dispute Resolution

Senior lawyer with over 20 years of legal experience in the areas of Dispute Resolution, International Arbitration, Investigations and Commercial Crime work

Executive Senior Manager

Top 5 finalist of Digital Agent/Agency Leader of the Year in 4th Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards 2019


Shaw Foundation Alumni House (NUS) 

(Auditorium, Lvl 2, 11 Kent Ridge Drive Singapore 119244)

Visitor Car Park

Attendees may park at Car Park 15, across the road from SFAH. Attached with the location map for reference.

For information on the car park charges, please visit the website here. Car Park coupons are provided. Please inform us if you need any car park coupon during the event.

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What Our Past Attendees say?

It was a great session, the speakers gave great sharing. Thank you FSMA for the effort in getting great speakers.
Yeun Chyn
Inspirational, relevant & practical.
Zinc Goh
Speaker is encouraging and enlightening.
Magdelene Chia

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The Financial Services Managers Association (FSMA) is the only voluntary organisation within the Financial Services & Insurance Industry in Singapore; specially dedicated to serve the needs of all agency field leaders and managers in their pursuit of excellence and professionalism.

Our motto, “To Lead and Serve” reflects our Purpose and Objective, Commitments and Beliefs. It sets the path that would lead us to achieve our aspirations while serving the needs of our fellowmen, the industry and our Nation.

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