AGM 2023

Dear members, sponsors & partners, Warmest welcome to our 27th AGM.

I am pleased to report that FSMA did well in 2022, achieving most of the key trusts set at the beginning of the term. The five key trusts that FSMA set out to accomplish at the beginning of our term in 2022 were:

  1. To kickstart the IBF accreditation for the Pacesetter, AES and MAPS
  2. Growing FSMA memberships
  3. Increase our digital presence on social media
  4. Recognising outstanding agency leaders through our SMA
  5. Bringing in curated leaders to share at our SAMC

On our education front, accreditations for FT2M, Pacesetter, AES and MAPS have started, and we will continue to follow through with the process as its targeting completion in Q2 2023. In 2022, we also completed more CIAM courses and the highest number of CIAM certifications in a year. Thank you, Education Chairperson, Mr Kurt Ng and Deputy Education, Mr Leonard Chen. I would also like to express my gratitude to our moderators especially. Thank you for coming forward to commit your time and efforts to facilitate the courses brought on by FSMA so selflessly.

FSMA membership has also grown over the previous year, which was only possible with the hard work of our membership team led by Membership Chairperson Mr Hux Lim. Thank you!

Our PR & Communications, Mr Sakthivel Thevar, took on this portfolio and rolled out the FSMA Instagram account. You can continue to find us on our website, Facebook and Instagram. Thank you, Mr Sakthivel Thevar, for your commitment and contributions.

We had our annual Singapore Management Awards (SMA) to recognise the award winners of our industry leaders in August 2022. It was our first face-to-face meeting since COVID, and I’m glad everyone enjoyed themselves. We are proud of their achievements, which were recognised in The Straits Times.

Congratulations to all awardees! Thank you, Mr Sean Tan, our SMA Chairperson and our SMA team for organising this event.

Another one of our key events, Singapore Agency Managers Conference: New Generation Leadership, was held in September 2022, helmed by our SAMC Chairperson, Mr Hux Lim. Thank you, Mr Hux Lim and the SAMC team, for making the event a great success! We received much positive feedback. It was a great learning experience from our distinguished speakers sharing their best practices.


Notable mentions to our sponsors and partners,
Sponsor / Partner Company
Infinite Sponsor AIA Singapore Pte Ltd.
Platinum Sponsor Prudential Assurance Company Singapore Pte Ltd.
Gold Sponsor Great Eastern Life Assurance Ltd.
Silver Sponsors AIA Financial Advisers Private Limited
HSBC Life (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Income Insurance Limited
Manulife Singapore Pte Ltd.
Our Partner LIMRA

Your support, sponsorships, and partnerships have more than one way, provide opportunities for us to remain relevant and continuously support our leaders’ education and training.

To our Board of Governors, Mr Calvin Lee, Mr Bernard Lim, Dato Daniel Yow, Mr Dennis Tan, and Mr Rai Siriprkash, thank you for being steadfast and relentless in providing your wise counsel and patient advice. Your passion for serving is remarkable and inspiring.

To the Management Committee of 2022/2023, Mr Andy Law, Mr Hux Lim, Mr Kurt Ng, Mr Leonard Chen, Mr Royce Goh, Mr Sean Tan, Mr Leslie Ng, Mr Eric Ang, Mr Sakthivel Thevar, Mr Patrick Koh, Mr Champ Tan and Mr Jimmy Chen, first and foremost, thank you for your friendships. I am grateful for our time together on both professional and personal levels. Most of all, I sincerely appreciate your support and tireless giving of your time and resources to serve on this committee for the benefit of our members.

We have Jean and Yin Ping in our administration team to support our members and operations. I am incredibly appreciative of our full-time staff for their outstanding administrative support that made this term great. Their dedication and commitment to FSMA and its members are applaudable.

Finally, it has been an honour and privilege to serve as President of FSMA. I cannot thank you enough for all the support and trust you have given me, and while I might not be able to meet every expectation, I hope I was enough. Thank you for each of your companionships in this journey, and please continue to support our next Management Committee 2023/2024.

FSMA is committed to our motto, “To Lead and Serve”. Please take care, stay safe and stay healthy.

Michael Chen
Term 2022-2023

Our New Committee

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